About Company

This has been since 1999 our exclusive market in Greece-Cyprus and the Balkans.


Due to internal re-organization then within the Sorulla Group of companies it was necessary all companies dealing (in any way) with the Greek Forces, Civil Aviation & Civil Airports to be represented by the newly formed SORULLA company.

The very first time the Sorulla name entered the Greek market was back in 1919. Since then the main core of business has remained the same, i.e. the representation of foreign companies.

Coming therefore back to SORULLA we are mainly involved in the representation field.

Being actually a group of people all fully & highly educated and having a widely reputable name across the Greek Aviation Market & Armed Forces we are following from generation to generation the one & only proved policy of ours:

  • we either represent the most famous companies in the world, or
  • we represent companies that their products are unique and not more than very few companies world wide are producing similar products.
  • But most importantly are companies that all of us can rely upon!

This allow us to be easily recognized for the quality of the products we supply / distribute, for the excellent customer service we provide as well as the technical support we can / are offering under contract 24hrs/day year around.

It is our policy to honor all our verbal agreements to any sides and look after the interest of both sides too!

Due to the above during all those years SORULLA has claimed the leading position in that field in Greece-Cyprus and now is also serving the Balkans.

We exclusively represent the most reputable companies in the world with these relationships going back to more than 40 (!) years…and also collaborate with many other. Some of our companies products we assemble locally.

Further more our proven record is such that clients do direct us frequently to service products not ours.

Concluding SORULLA provides the following services to respective clients:

  • Consult
  • Design
  • Specify
  • Procure
  • Deliver
  • Install
  • Commission
  • Maintain
  • Service

For more info about SORULLA you are welcome to ask comments from our numerous clients… keeping in mind that:

We build TODAY the business of tomorrow.