About Sorulla


On 19/08/2015 www.ypodomes.gr wrote about SORULLA

SORULLA: quality and expertise in the field of airports/heliports since 1919

One of the most long-lived corporate names in Greece, the SORULLA name in any legal forms/shapes has since 1919 been linked to the quality! Quality in services and products. Quality in expertise. This persistance in quality has given SORULLA the ability to soon celebrate 100 years of continuous operation!

In the area of the airports/heliports SORULLA covers any aircraft or helicopter need in the ground such as:

  • Consultation,
  • Specification,
  • Offering,
  • Supplying,
  • Installing,
  • Commissioning,
  • Maintaining,
  • Servicing,

SORULLA ‘s specialization (which is unique in Greece) has to do with the Airside of the Airport (Civil & Martial) covering all relative requirements. SORULLA ’s customers can be found nearly everywhere as is with its products. It installs from one side of Greece to the other including Cyprus. Maintains from one side of Greece to the other including Cyprus.

SORULLA is the Hub Point for Greek Airports issues and as such is used by the most well-known Greek construction companies active abroad!


Some of our most important clients are: